Private Love Story tour Gran Canaria Dunas — Puerto de Mogan
Private Love Story tour Gran Canaria Dunas — Puerto de Mogan

Both locations offer stunning backdrops for a romantic photo shoot, capturing the essence of love against the picturesque landscapes of Gran Canaria. In Puerto de Mogan, known as the “Little Venice” of the island, couples can pose by the colorful buildings and charming canals, creating a whimsical and intimate atmosphere. Meanwhile, Dunas Maspalomas provides a more natural setting, with its vast sand dunes and golden beaches offering a sense of serenity and tranquility. Together, these two locations offer the perfect blend of romance and beauty for a memorable love story photo shoot.

As someone deeply in love, I’ve always dreamt of capturing our story in the most enchanting way possible. That’s how we found ourselves embarking on a beautiful journey to Puerto de Mogan for a unique photo shoot tour. This quaint fishing village, with its vibrant streets and colorful canals, promised a canvas so beautiful, it felt like it was straight out of a romantic novel. Walking hand in hand, the couple explored its charming nooks, each corner offering a new, breathtaking backdrop. The vibrancy of the place wasn’t just in its scenery but in the air itself, inspiring love story as they posed and I captured moments that we knew would last a lifetime.

Puerto de Mogan wasn’t just a location; it was an experience. The way the blooms that adorned the balconies all around love couple. It was as if the village itself was conspiring to frame our love in the most picturesque way possible. Photographer Slavik, with a keen eye for beauty, guided us through the village, ensuring that every shot encapsulated the essence of our bond against the stunning backdrop. 

Puerto de Mogan lifestyle photography and freelance photographer

Puerto de Mogan 17:30

Depend months of the year may start photo shoot time in the first locations.

Dunas Maspalomas Desert lifestyle photography and freelance photographer

Desert Dunas 19:00

Depend months of the year may start photo shoot time in the second locations.

The enchantment continued as we ventured to the ethereal landscapes of Dunas Maspalomas. The contrast was striking — from the vibrant hues of Puerto de Mogan to the serene, dreamy expanse of rolling sand dunes. 

It felt like we had stepped into another world, one where time stood still, and all that existed was the love we shared. The dunes, with their soft, golden sands, created a surreal backdrop, making each photo a masterpiece. The vastness of the landscape made us feel like we were the only two people in the world, a feeling that was both exhilarating and intimate. 

 As the sun dipped lower, casting shadows that played with the contours of the land, we captured picture-perfect moments that we knew would be cherished forever. Our love story, set against the magical backdrop of Dunas Maspalomas, was a chapter we would never forget, captured in the timeless beauty of our photographer Slavik.

If you like, you can also change dresses/styles for each place during the photo shoot. This option enables couples to capture a range of moods and themes in their photos, enhancing the variety and depth of their love story.

Whether leisurely strolling hand in hand through the vibrant streets of Puerto de Mogan or embracing amidst the peaceful, sun-kissed dunes of Maspalomas, the backdrop of Gran Canaria offers a truly magical setting for creating lasting memories.

With each location boasting its distinctive charm, couples are bound to discover the ideal spot to showcase their love in a manner that resonates with their uniqueness and individuality. 

 If you have any questions, please contact me! And we will plan a beautiful Love Story photo tour in Gran Canaria to take beautiful photos with a professional photographer.


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Private Love Story tour Gran Canaria Dunas — Puerto de Mogan

Anfi del Mar Photographer

Unravelling the Love Story on the Shores of Gran Canaria

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